When...Attack is a show hosted by Amanda which parodies shows such as When Animals Attack!. Bynes introduces herself as some ridiculous, but possibly famous character. Then, she starts speaking of a group of entities (cheerleaders, elderly women, The Brady Bunch school mascots, female hula dancers, etc.) seen attacking people. She then shows two incidents of people being attacked, first in regular motion, then shows it in slow motion. Then, the victims are shown in interviews, injured, distraught, and sometimes repeating exactly what the host says. The host shows little sympathy for the victims of the attacks. At the end, the host says to call a number, usually something like "1-500-I-JUST-SAW-____________-ATTACK-SOME-PERSON-AND-I'M-CALLING-THIS-NUMBER-TO-REPORT-WHAT-I-SAW". In the end, the attackers arrive in the studio, either assulting the host, or cause her to run away, screaming. The attackers then proceed to attack the cameraman, or dance, ending the sketch.


When Bradys Attack The Amanda Show The Splat05:01

When Bradys Attack The Amanda Show The Splat

When Hula Girls Attack The Amanda Show The Splat04:06

When Hula Girls Attack The Amanda Show The Splat

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