The Procrastinator is a one-off sketch starring Amanda Bynes as a lazy super-heroine who wants to play rather than do her duty saying she'll do it "Eventually!"


Procrastinator is in her headquarters when a boy and a girl played by Drake Bell and Raquel Lee tell her that the Fire Department is on fire but she would rather listen to a music CD she had just brought and put out the fire "Eventually!", so the kids leave in disgust.

Next a citizen played by Johnny Kassir tells her that his baby is stuck in a tree but she would rather eat a sandwich and save the baby "Eventually!", so he too leaves in disgust.

Finally her mother played by Nancy Sullivan arrives with a package, but Procrastinator would rather watch television and open it "Eventually!" But her mother says that it is a package from her arch-enemy "The Fumigator". She begs Procrastinator to open it, saying it is ticking, but she still replies she will do it "Eventually!"

The package finally explodes, making mess of her headquarters. Procrastinator's mother is injured and asks her to call her an ambulance. Procrastinator replies that she'll do it "Eventually!" before going back to listening to her CD.

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The Procrastinator is exactly as her name implies: someone who has the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished, keeps delaying it and finally leaves it to the last minute.

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