The Literals is one of the one-time Sketches that appears in Season One of The Amanda Show.


The Sketch begins at a house where we see a african american father with holding a bowl of snacks while his daugther is talking to her Caucasian friend as they hear a knock ont he door, which the father said it must be the Literals. As he walked up to the door, we see the Literals; A family of three (Husband,Mother and Daughter) introduce themselves to father. The Father then told Lesile to hop to the couch to be with the other girls and enjoy herself. Leslise (Literally) hopped and laughing to the couch as she introduce herself and the African American girl name Marcy asked what up and Lesile (Literally) looked up and says the celling is beautful, which was awkward moment to the other girls. As Lesile took a drink of punch and said it good, the Caucasian girl said she want some punch and Leslie (Literally) gave her some punch, punch in the face, then Leslie asked if Marcy want some and Marcy said she's good.