After the introductions from the girls, the group reveals it is Amber's birthday. Debbie, Tammy, and Shiela each give Amber a present.

Debbie gives Amber a carton of eggs though she finds one missing. Debbie is then revealed to have the missing egg claiming he is so cute.

Tammy then reveals that she has a prop birthday cake with a guy in a fireman costume. He then takes off his coat and hat and does an unusually suggestive dance which he goes overboard on and Amber tells him to stop it. He does one more move and the girls yell at him to stop. Shiela then goes and gives the guy a swirlie. Shortly after that the guy leaves.

It is now time for Shiela to show what her present is. Shiela says she hopes Amber likes it. Before this happens, Danielle Spencer comes into the bathroom and goes to the mirrors. Tammy and Amber are not pleased by Danielle being in the bathroom and the latter asks what is she doing here. Danielle simply says she has much right to come into the bathroom as they are. Debbie then notes to Danielle that she likes her dress. Danielle says she should because it costs over $300. Amber does not seem happy by this. Danielle then walks over to Shiela and tells her " 'Scuse me, won't you?" before going into the bathroom stall that has a "Happy Birthday" sign on the front. Shiela after a moment throws away the present she is holding and says she just found Amber a better present and tells her that she will be right back. Shiela then goes into the bathroom stall that Danielle went in.