The Amanda Movie is Amanda Bynes' far only theatrical film ever based on "The Amanda Show". It has splits into four parts from this episode from the third season. It is the 11-14th episodes as well as the 41st-44th overall. It aired on 2002.


Penelope Taynt sees Barney on the stage at The Amanda Show. She dates Barney's son, Trevor. Penelope Taynt meets Amanda at the show. Meanwhile, Amanda and Drake calls the security guard to kidnap Penelope Taynt. Preston Taynt goes on to his house to see Penelope Taynt if she is in her bedroom. The sketch "Blockbilster" (a parody of "Blockbuster") had problems with Marney's Great Adventure (a parody of Barney's Great Adventure) and Star Wars: The Samton Menace (a parody of Star Wars: The Phamton Meance).


  • Amanda Bynes
  • Drake Bell
  • Josh Peck
  • Nancy Sullivan
  • Racquel Lee
  • Penelope Taynt
  • Preston Taynt
  • Trevor
  • Barney

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