Stranded is a collab skit about a group of stars from the Amanda Show who try to stay in a room or a vehicle. Anyone who leaves or is voted off is escorted off by security guards. The last person who's left will win $1,000,000.

Episode 1 (The Car)Edit

  • Tony Pajamas - 2nd Place
  • Mr. Gullible - 5th Place
  • Debbie - 3rd Place
  • Judge Trudy - 1st Place*
  • The Bailiff - 1st Place*
  • A Dancing Lobster - 4th Place

No winner was declared due to the car being stolen.

Episode 2 (The Bathtub)Edit

  • Courtney - 1st Place (Winner)
  • Marcy Stimple - 4th Place
  • Amber - 3rd Place
  • Mr. Gullible - 5th Place
  • Eenis - 2nd Place


This skit marks the debut appearance of Tony Pajamas.