Snap, Krackle, Kaboom!!!

Snap, Krackle, Kaboom!!!

Snap, Krackle, Kaboom!!! is a sketch from the series of sketches based on television commercials.

It was about two kids bored with their cereal so they are given a new cereal that explodes.


A boy (Josh Peck) and his sister are bored with their cereal while their mother (Nancy Sullivan) and father watch saying they're failures of parents.

Suddenly another cheerful boy (Drake Bell) appears at the window, offering them a new cereal called "Snap, Krackle, Kaboom!!!". The boy takes it to try and so does his sister.

They put the cereal in their bowls and pour in the milk. The cereal boy then asks them to listen, which they do. He then asks if they can hear it "Snap" and "Krackle", the kids say yes, but don't notice any "Kaboom" until the cereal explodes in their faces.

The kids are pleased and they tuck into some more with their parents joining in and the cereal once again exploding in their faces.

Suddenly the grandmother comes in asking for some breakfast so they give her a bowl filled with Snap, Krackle, Kaboom which explodes all over her as well as the kitchen and the cereal boy.

The grandmother is startled at first, but everyone laughs including the cereal boy and they all go back to their breakfast.