Rock-a-bye Ralph

"Go to sleep, close your eyes, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep!"

Rock-a-bye Ralph is one-off sketch that appeared in Season 1.

A girl is given a talking doll to help her sleep, but it does the exact opposite and drives her round the bend.

Plot Edit

A girl (Amanda Bynes) is woken up by the thunder and lightning. She calls for her parents, complaining that the thunder is too loud and the lightning is too bright.

Her mum and her dad (Johnny Kassir) give her a toy to help her get to sleep; a talking doll called Rock-a-bye Ralph.

The girl snuggles down happily with the doll at first, but she can't sleep because Ralph won't stop talking.

She tries several ways to make Ralph shut up such as placing a pillow over him to drown out the noise and taking out the batteries, but he still continues to talk.

The girl then shuts the doll back and forth in a drawer, hoping that she would destroy the voice box, but Ralph still won't stop talking so she throws him out of the bedroom window. But someone tosses the doll back through the window and he lands back on the girl's bed.

Having had enough, the girl decides to destroy Ralph to get some peace and quiet once and for all. When her chainsaw doesn't work, she calls on her dog Scooper to tear the doll to pieces which he succeeds in doing.

The girl is delighted and happily goes to sleep with Scooper next to her. Unfortunately Scooper swallowed Ralph's voice box and so the girl is no better off than she was before.

Rock-a-bye Ralph's phrasesEdit

  • "I love you, time to go sleepy!"
  • "Good night, sweet dreams, I love you!"
  • "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!"
  • "Bedtime is fun time!"
  • "Just close your eyes and sleep, sleep, sleep!"
  • "Sleep, sleep, sleep!"
  • "Snooze, snooze, snooze, go to bed now!"
  • ""Go to sleep, close your eyes, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep....!"
  • "Time to go to sleep, sleepy, sleepy!"
  • "Night time is sleepy time!"
  • "Nighty night night, time for sleeping!"
  • "Go to sleep now, it's beddy bye time!"