Preston taynt

Preston bothering Penelope and her boyfriend, Trevor.


Preston Taynt is Penelope's 9-year-old younger brother who sometimes accompanies her to meet Amanda. He is played by Taylor Emerson. 


Preston Taynt is like Penelope herself because he usually says please at the end of every sentence. In every episode he's in, Preston wants food, and if Penelope doesn't get the food he requests, she would of meet Amanda (although Penelope is played by Amanda Bynes herself). He doesn't appear in all the episodes that Penelope's in. He is related to Penelope Taynt, Penelope's Mother and Penelope's Father (who were seen in 'Episode 8'). Some people get confused because Preston looks like a girl just like Penelope except he is a boy and younger. Preston has seen Amanda a couple of times. In the studio, at Penelope's House, even outside the studio. When Preston meets Amanda, she calls out to Penelope, but she ignores him. It is unknown that Preston works on or not. Possibly Not.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Preston has black glasses, blue checkers shirt, black vest (probably the same vest Penelope weared when she was young but she grew out of them). He wears the same sort of hair as Penelope wears, short and black


Age: 9 (Season 1)

10-11 (Season 2)

11-12 (Season 3)



  • Unlike his sister, Preston has met amanda a few times.
  • Preston loves eating Sandwiches
  • Preston is played by Taylor Emerson
  • He appeared in the four part movie, The Amanda Movie