Meatloaf Crunch

"Whoopdee dee, have a bowl of me!"

Meatloaf Crunch is a sketch from the series of sketches based on television commercials.

A mother (Nancy Sullivan) is asking her son and daughter what they want for breakfast.

The boy (Drake Bell) wants cereal, the girl (Amanda Bynes) wants meatloaf. The mother despairs at them not being able to decide when suddenly a giant talking meatloaf named Loaf (Johnny Kassir) appears and tells them about his new cereal Meatloaf Crunch.

The kids are excited and start tucking in. The milk turns to gravy and they get some very unusual prizes inside such as lotion and mousetraps. The mother wants to join in too and so does the father when he comes on. Soon everyone is tucking in to the cereal with Loaf ending the commercial with his famous line: "Whoopdee dee, have a bowl of me!"

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