This sketch is a parody of the real life courtroom show, Judge Judy. The sketch features a child plaintiff "suing" an adult defendant for petty incidents or even deserved punishments, such as a grounding or an after-school detention given, whereas the child will have done something deserving of far worse punishment such as painting the White House pink or stealing a space shuttle. The defendant typically complains that Trudy is too young to be a judge, which angers Trudy even more. No matter how obvious it is that the child is guilty Trudy always finds in favor of them and delivers ridiculous sentences to the adults, such as trapping parents in a rocket and sending them to space or awarding the children millions of dollars. The sketch almost always involves two cases and at the end of each sketch, the Judge calls for the Dancing Lobsters to come out. The lobsters then proceed to dance with Trudy. The sketch is similar to Judge Judy: both judges wear dainty lace collars, both have African American bailiffs; and both insult the defendants. The only difference is that Trudy treats defendants like criminals, while Judy, like most TV court judges, deals with small claims cases. Judge Trudy is played by Amanda Bynes.


Judge Trudy Halloween Edition The Amanda Show NickSplat04:07

Judge Trudy Halloween Edition The Amanda Show NickSplat

Judge Trudy The Amanda Show NickSplat03:46

Judge Trudy The Amanda Show NickSplat

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