• Cold Opening: Amanda, Drake and Raquel are eating. Drake has the lobster, which makes the Dancing Lobsters very mad, they leave the room.
  • Introduction: Amanda tries to open the show but gets interrupted by a box, which contains Penelope. Her scheme still doesn't work because Amanda has left when she busts out of the box.
  • Call Zap: A commercial about the latest telephone component that can electrify prank callers.
  • The Wrestlebergs: We are introduced to another freaky family, The Wrestlebergs. They are obsessed with wrestling and have a family referee in the house.
  • Stop Motion Amanda: Amanda plays with her dog Dumples.
  • The Girl's Room: We go to The Girls' Room, which stars Amber (Amanda Bynes), the most popular girl in school, Sheila (Raquel Lee), a bad girl, Tammy (Jamie Snow), an exchange student from Tennessee, and Debbie (Jenna Morrison), a slow and stupid girl as they talk about a pop quiz they just had.
  • Hillbilly Moment: Two hillbillies named Lula Mae (Amanda Bynes) and Eenis (Drake Bell), who are always telling ridiculous knock-knock jokes where the knock knock joke involves Lula Mae hitting Eenis in the head with a rag doll.
  • Smelling Bee: This sketch involves it's contestants identifying the smell while blindfolded.
  • Totally Kyle: This sketch features Kyle Rostensan (Drake Bell), a laid back hippie surfer who tells his story of the time he went to his grandmother's house and how his grandmother made oatmeal for breakfast.
  • Penelope Taynt: Penelope Taynt tries to break into Amanda's dressing room and meets her wardrobe lady. Just as she is about to break in, Amanda opens the door, unknowingly knocking Penelope out in the process.
  • Closing: Amanda invites everyone to her house for dinner. After they all leave, Penelope gets to the stage and runs out of the studio when she realizes what has happened.

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