• Cold Opening: The show opens as Amanda is not on the guest list for some reason so she has to fight three security guards to get through.
  • Introduction: Amanda asks questions with the people calling her cell phone to ask her.
  • Meatloaf Crunch: A commercial about a meatloaf-themed cereal.
  • Jack and Jake: Jack (Amanda Bynes) and Jake (Raquel Lee), the two least successful bullies in school, are trying to cause up trouble, but none of their pranks work.
  • Stop Motion Amanda: Amanda has a date with a boy with a huge pimple and somehow falls in love with it.
  • Nurse Zelda: Nurse Zelda treats various minor injuries in the classroom.
  • The Simians: We meet a half-ape weird family with two kids who has a father who's an ape and a mother who's a human former explorer.
  • Mr. Oldman: Amanda has some fun with a prank call to Mr. Oldman (Dan Schneider) which involves a cheese delivery.
  • Penelope Taynt: Penelope Taynt shows her website to a fellow audience member. As she is about to meet Amanda, a fat guy suddenly sits on her, blocking her view of the show.
  • Closing: Amanda has a stunt double juggles three clubs while balancing a large ladder on her face. After Amanda leaves, Penelope attempts to follow Amanda, but the security guards prevent her.

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