• Cold Opening: The episode starts as a crowd of fans trying to get into The Amanda Show, and Penelope Taynt, who is a 12-year-old Amanda fanatic and puts the word "please" at the end of almost every sentence, would do anything to meet Amanda. Meanwhile, Amanda makes her entrance by a helicopter. But when the pilot falls asleep, Amanda jumps out of the plane and lands on the set.
  • Intro: Kenan Thompson and Josh Server (who have worked with Amanda from All That) deliver Amanda a pizza and flowers to Amanda to wish her luck on her new show and even give a Swiss Guy a muffin.
  • Pedestrian Airbag: A commercial about a special airbag that can be used by pedestrians.
  • Judge Trudy: Judge Trudy rules over two cases. The first one has Curtis McPeen issuing a complaint against Principal Thorn who made him stay after school for sending his car into the swimming pool. Judge Trudy finds in favor of the plaintiff and the principal ends up thrown in the leopard cage when he doesn't have $85,000 to pay the fine. The second one had a girl issuing a complaint against her parents after she played baseball in the house and her parents told her never to do it again. Thinking that what the parents did was unreasonable, Judge Trudy declares that it's "time for butt-shutting", and sends the parents down the trap door that was under them.
  • Stop Motion Amanda: Amanda imagines herself battling her school teacher.
  • The Klutzes: A family whose members always break things and say "Not a problem" when it comes to them at home.
  • Cynthia Worthington: Cynthia Worthington is on a date in a fancy restaurant where she does rude things at the table, much to her boyfriend's disgust.
  • Mother Caboose: We hear a poem by Mother Caboose about a girl named Katie Beth Sue and the way she is described. Before she even finishes the poem, she begins to cough and the skit ends with Mother Caboose falling out of her chair.
  • Penelope Taynt: Penelope Taynt steals part of Amanda's room and shows Drake and Raquel her website before being dragged away by two security guards.
  • Closing: Amanda names all 50 states backwards while punching an astronaut.

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