Dooper is a restaurant that serverint urnsifnns sketch. Whatever was offered, (i.e. ice cream, soup, sushi, cookie), was usually nice and tasty

Examples included spider crunch ice cream (with actual spiders), and underwear chowder soup. On occasion, a customer would ask "Hey, didn't this used to be a (sushi, cookie, soup, etc) restaurant?" The employees would respond that it "wasn't their thing" and say that they're now (weenie, cookie, sushi, etc.) people. In later episodesCVDFFVDFDFVVRFwould say things like "I'll thank you never to mention that again." At the end of the skit, the customer tries a special sample that actually tastes good — but had a surprise. After hearing the name of the sample, they will ask why it was named that, upon which the customer would have some calamity related to the name of the dish happen to him, such as being attacked by a samurai upon trying a "Samurai roll", or being punched by Abraham Lincoln upon trying "Lincoln Punch". A recurring gag is that the family's grandfather comes in from the back and the father responds HELL YAYYYYYYY GRANNDJGVJGVJGVUGFHGVHGVYGCYGCYGCHGCYTCCTCFTYYTCYTCYTCYTF. Grandpa usually responds with "FAILURE", which goes with their usually unsuccessful business. In the Souper Dooper sketch, he responds "I know where you live."

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