Becky Swanson

Becky Swanson is a one-off sketch in Season 1.

It stars Amanda Bynes as a professional babysitter for hire paid $4 an hour, but literally acts like a big baby.

Plot Edit

Two children Justin and Kelly are watching TV with their father (Johnny Kassir) when the doorbell rings and their babysitter Becky comes in.

After Justin and Kelly's father and mother (Nancy Sullivan) leave, Becky asks them if they want to play a game so they start with a friendly game of tag with Kelly being it.

However when Becky is tagged, she and Becky get into a childish argument of "Did Not!" and "Did Too!" ending with Becky having a tantrum on the sofa.

Justin asks her what's wrong and she asks him for some ice cream whilst throwing a tantrum again.

Kelly asks her if she is a real babysitter then why is she acting like a baby which starts off another childish argument between them and Becky crying.

Justin comes back with some ice cream and Becky makes him feed it to her in choo choo train style then she drops off for a nap.

Kelly is starting to lose patience as Becky is supposed to be looking after them not the other way around. When Justin tries to wake her up by touching her, Becky cries again and accuses him of hitting her.

Kelly then tries to calm her down by putting on a video. Becky requests Flummbo which a kid's video and when Kelly refuses, Becky jumps up and down on the sofa in a tantrum, but calms down when she sees lollipops on the table and grabs a handful of them for herself.

Justin and Kelly have finally had enough so they trick Becky into playing a game of hide and seek and when she hides in the closet, they move the the armchair to block the door and lock it, shutting her in.

They then leave the house to see a movie with Becky screaming and crying to be let out.