FANDOM was a website that was created by Penelope Taynt. In Episode 5 subscript 9 subsection 11, Penelope mentioned that she updated the website every Thursday. hosted numerous features & clickables. "Ask Penelope", the "Video Clip of the Week", "Amanda's Scrapbook" and lots of other features.

Video Clip of the Week Edit

The Video Clip of the Week section would show a new video clip every week. Whether it be a random clip like Amanda jumping on a trampoline while holding a lamp or a clip from the show, like the BlockBlister skits, each video clip related to the show in some way.

Since the website is fairly old, video clips were very compressed to load quickly enough on a dial-up internet connection. Once you click the "Video Clip of the Week" button or a video link from the Amanda Archive, you'll be taken to a splash screen which asks whether you're using a Macintosh or a Windows PC. The Macintosh button loads a version of the video in an Apple QuickTime Player, while the Windows button loads the video in the Windows Media Player. Normally, only the Windows option works on a PC, but if you have QuickTime for Windows installed, the Macintosh button will work as well.

The last video clip featured on the website was of Penelope reading a poem she wrote about Amanda.


  • When the show was canceled, the website was no longer updated and remained inactive for several years. In 2017, the website was removed and the URL now redirects to
  • Archived versions of are available right now on the Internet Archive WayBack Machine.
  • Penelope Taynt's laptop, which is most often seen on, is an Apple PowerBook 5300.
  • In the pilot episode, Penelope shows Drake and Raquel the website on Amanda's bedroom computer, which is a Compaq Presario 3060.
  • Penelope usually uses Internet Explorer to browse the internet.
  • In the pilot, AmandaPlease is shown on the antiquated browser Netscape Navigator.