Amanda Bynes


Amanda Laura Bynes (born April 3, 1986)[1] is an American former actress. After appearing in commercials and in plays, Bynes rose to prominence as a child star in the late 1990s and early 2000s on the Nickelodeon series All That and The Amanda Show. From 2002 to 2006, she starred in the sitcom What I Like About You on The WB. She has also starred in several films, including What a Girl Wants (2003), She's the Man (2006), Hairspray (2007), Sydney White (2007), and Easy A (2010). In 2012, Bynes announced that she was retiring from acting.


  • Amanda's birthday is April 3, 1986.
  • Amanda's middle name is Laura.
  • Amanda's favorite food is Ravioli (stuffed with meat). Later, while Penelope is trying to win a contest by answering "What is Amanda's favorite food?" she says it is quesadillas.
  • Amanda's blood type is B+.
  • Amanda owns 37 pairs of pants.
  • Amanda's favorite body part is the uvula.
  • Amanda's favorite band instrument is the oboe.
  • Amanda's favorite soup is clam chowder.
  • Amanda's favorite Soviet leader is Gorbachev.
  • Amanda's favorite big toe is named Merv
  • Amanda goes from 12 to 15 in the Amanda Show.

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