Amanda's Jacuzzi

"Yo yo yo! It's Amanda's Jacuzzi!"

Amanda's Jacuzzi was a recurring sketch in Seasons 2 and 3. It featured Amanda hosting a talk-show in a jacuzzi where she speaks to various famous guests such as Elvis Presley, Queen Elizabeth II and Santa Claus. She asks two simple straight forward questions and then ends with one ridiculous question which the guest is surprised or unable to answer. She then asks if they would like a plate of spaghetti which they agree and the sketch ends with Amanda saying goodbye.


Season 2Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Amanda wore four different coloured and patterned swimsuits in this sketch, one white with a flower pattern, another canary yellow and lime green, the next one leaf green and black with black tiger stripes and finally a patterned red one.
  • She sometimes held a tropical drink in her hand or had feathers in her hair.
  • Her dwarf butlers are a reference to Mr Roake's butler Tattoo from the 1970s show Fantasy Island.